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I'm a 39 yo army officer.  I've been diagignosed with, Severe P.T.S.D. with anger issues, Bi-Polar (unknown/nonspecific), I have a T.B.I., and M.C.S.  (Truamatic Brain Ijury& Multiple Conssive Syndrome), combined with A.D.D ./A.D.H.D. .  I was prescrbed Seraquel, and Zoloft @ the same time, I also drank 4 beers (12 oz.).  I was in gaged in a criminal action.  The details are very fuzzy to me.  What chemical synergy did this have, and is this possile and normal? Reaper299
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all of those medications, and the beer, have a direct effect on your brain, which as per your diagnoses is already challenged and traumatized.  The beer was probably the final part that put you over the top. You have to take care of yourself during this healing period so stay off the alchohol, and make sure that your antidepressant medications do the job for you, and if they don't, be sure and see your doctor and insist on a mediation change.

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