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Xanax and Zoloft

Hello Doc,

I posted here several times before.  My concern now is with the medication I'm currently taking, and possible Xanax addiction.

I'm taking 150mg Zoloft and 3-4 .5 pills of the Xanax every day now.  I've leveled off from 1.5 to 2 mgs a day on average for the last few months, and pushed myself not to go further.  I'm still seeking employement, and trying to get my graduate degree, which is underlying stress, and I know if I stop the meds now, I feel I will be back to full force anxiety land.  Though Panic attacks are down to a mimimum, I feel like I'm just on a sinking ship.  In other words, I only feel the medication will only get me so far.  The Xanax works great all the time.  It's like that EASY button Staples uses in their ads, that I know is there.  I'm at the point of going through maturualization, entering the work force, so I'm not sure if its just my mind maturing, or if I'm just going crazy with the meds.  I'm in talk theorpy still with my theropist for 4 years now.  

Here are my concerns.

1) Is 150mg for Zoloft too high?
2) I hear Xanax is life threatening if stopped suddenly because of the GABA dependency being loss, is this true?
3) If I stop the Xanax, will my brain bring back my natural "calming nerves"?  
4) Will these meds drive me insane?  It certainly feels that way.

Thanks for your help, as always.

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150 mg is within the acceptable range. if you stop xanax too quickly you could be subject to seizures, so if you go off it should be over several weeks of weaning.  When you stress crisis is over, you should expect to function normally without xanax.   These meds are not designed to drive you insane, but trying to figure out the right combination and doses in the midst of a high anxiety life situation can be very frustrating.
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I can only answer to your question about Xanax as I have never taken Zoloft. I learned through trial and error that you can't just quit taking Xanax, especially if you have been on it for any length of time. This is a medication that needs to be reduced slowly and tapered off from. Always consult with your MD before just stopping this entirely.

The effects I suffered from just quitting were by far worse than the anxiety disorder symptoms that I had! I ended up in the ER and was almost to the point of having seisures from ceasing this medication so abruptly!
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I used to take Xanax for Panic disorder long time ago...But I understand that it is a drug for a fast fix.. I mean, it will make you feel better at the moment but the effects will go away in a short period of time.

Now Im taking Effexor with Klonopin(clonazepan).Because Im not very depressed and I take the medication for panic disorder, the Klonopin actually balances out my feelings.. So in other words Klonopin is somehow like xanax but it works for a longer period of time..
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