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Zoloft , Is it working? When to stop?

I've been on Zoloft for 2 months because anx/depression. I'm on 50mg. When I started having my symptoms of anx I  could get off of it by just talking myself out (I didnt know it was anxiety). But it always came back and got to a point that I thought I couldnt control it. Thats when I started on Celexa prescribed by my doc. I only took it for 3 days cause it gave me high anx and panic attacks which I never had so intense. I didnt take anything for 14 days after I stopped the Celexa and had bad days and good, but the bad got worse and thats when I started on Zoloft. However, I just cant feel that the anxiety is gone as it used to without Zoloft, it is always there, before taking it I could get to feel "normal" but now I just dont feel right taking the Zoloft and dont get to feel my old self. I've been doing researching a lot about CBT and think that was how I was getting rid of my anx before the Zol.

The main thing that concerns me is the annoying ringing in my ears, I learn that it can be Zoloft side effect, but it should be gone by now? Also the fact of taking meds and knowing that it is Zoloft that is having me under control. I wish I could stop taking it but I read a lot of articles about withdrawal symptoms etc.. My doc wants me to stay on it for 6 months at least, but with this ringing on my ears I dont know if I can go that far, is it safe to stop the Zoloft now and work more on CBT? I know I havent been on it for too long, but isn't it supposed to get rid of the anx  completely? At least before I could get to feel fine and as I used to.

Thank you very much.
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It is definetly safe to get off of zoloft, but do it gradually by reducing the dose in half each week( can be done faster if ringing in ears is intolerable)

NO, it doesn't get rid of the anxiety altogether, and yes it does make you feel unlike yourself.  You should look into cbt with someone who also does general counseling so you can come to understand, as well as control, your anxiety.
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I'd like to just add this:


"Prozac Truth Zoloft

If you have withdrawn from Zoloft and are still experiencing Zoloft side effects, there is an answer and a solution.
   If you are currently taking or thinking of starting psychiatric medication, this is a must read. "Certain kinds of antidepressants can double the risk of developing breast cancer, according to a landmark Canadian study."

Zoloft (sertraline hydrochloride)

Have you used Zoloft? Did you get facial or body tics as a side effect? If you would like to be part of a potential class action law suit, send us an e-mail. Please state when you started Zoloft, how long you used Zoloft, what your side effects were or still are. Click here to send e-mail.

I want to hear from you. If you are quitting a ssri, it does help to have someone to talk with during withdrawal. Click here to send e-mail.

Per Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Zoloft "is chemically unrelated to other SSRIs, tricylic, or other available antidepressant agents." That Pfizer statement may be true regarding "chemically unrelated" but that is where the dissimilarities end.

What are the real Zoloft side effects? Click here This is only a short list of what really happens while using Zoloft.

The side effects of Zoloft are in the same league with the other SSRIs. Pfizer at least goes one step further and admits Zoloft will metabolize in the liver and that people with even mild liver impairment should use caution and a lower dosage of Zoloft. "Zoloft is extensively metabolized by the liver." (From the Pfizer statements above, if your doctor has not conducted a full liver test before prescribing you Zoloft, your doctor has not even read and or understood the precautions in the Pfizer brochure)

Side Effects Zoloft (sertraline hydrochloride)

Frequent Zoloft Side Effects


chest pain

back pain

hypoesthesia (Partial loss of sensation)
appetite increase

myalgia (Muscular pain)

asthenia (Loss or lack of bodily strength, weakness) malaise (Vague feeling of illness or depression)
weight increase yawning female sexual dysfunction male sexual dysfunction
rhinitus (Inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes)

(A sound in the ears, such as buzzing, ringing, or whistling, caused by a defect in the auditory nerve) hypertonia (Having extreme muscular or arterial tension)  

The above Zoloft side effects are FREQUENT. If you are thinking of taking Zoloft or prescribing Zoloft to a patient, please stop for a minute and evaluate what you are trying to cure with Zoloft. If you or your patient are currently depressed, how do you think it will be with all or most of the frequent side effects with you or your patient on a daily basis? Will it make things worse?

The above Zoloft side effects are taken from the Pfizer Premarketing clinical trials.

What Zoloft side effects can you expect after more than a few weeks of usage?

The list below is taken from the Zoloft side effects (Postmarketing Evaluation)

acute renal failure

anaphylactoid reaction (Hypersensitivity to a foreign substance) angioedema (Excessive accumulation of fluid in the tissues)

optic neuritis (Inflammation, pain or loss of motion in the eye)


increased blood coagulation times

bradycardia (Slowness of the heart rate, usually fewer than 60 beats per minute in an adult human)
(An irregularity in the force or rhythm of the heartbeat)

(A rapid heart rate, especially one above 100 beats per minute in an adult)

Hypothyroidism (Insufficient production of thyroid hormones)

Agranulocytosis (An acute disease marked by high fever and a sharp drop in circulating granular white blood cells)

The above list of Zoloft side effects from Postmarketing Evaluation is actually much longer than listed here.

Deaths from Zoloft overdose have varied with the amounts taken. One patient ingested 13.5 grams and recovered while another ingested 2.5 grams and had a fatal outcome.

If you have already quit using Zoloft and you are NOT currently using another SSRI CLICK HERE to find out how to detoxify your liver of the Zoloft toxins.

Back to top of page"

Edor, maybe this will give you a more rounded view of the ssri zoloft.  If you copy and paste the url (near the beginning) into your browswer, you will be able to access the links and learn more.

Got that above by typing into search engine "zoloft side effects withdrawal symptoms".  And lots more too.

Gotta go.  Best wishes :)

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I'm 29 year old female. I am currently on Wellbutrin for depression. My psychologist initially put me on Zoloft because of my past drug history: I did various drugs recreationally over the past ten years and found that cocaine didn't make me feel high; it made me feel calm and normal. Not speedy or anxious. So she figured that Zoloft might work for me. But she was wrong...
  I could barely get through 2 weeks on the stuff. Firstly, it made me totally incapable of having an orgasm (what's the point of being on anti-depressants if you get more depressed from not being able to have sex with your significant other?), I had absolutely no sensation in all the places that I usually do. In addition to that-   It did not affect me like cocaine did. I felt speedy, dizzy, grinding my teeth, no appetite at all, my tremors (which I've had all my life) got much worse-  to the point that I could barely hold a coffee mug with one hand.
    I guess the single worst side-effect is that it seemed to totally alter my personality. I am an artist/musician. When I was on Zoloft I lost all motivation to do my work, I became uninspired... it was as if it had suddenly zapped my imagination, in turn, making me more depressed and confused. I became indifferent/ emotionless. It was the strangest, most upsetting experience I have ever had with a drug.
    However my Mother takes it and has no complaints. But it has deffinately altered her personality. I feel that I nolonger know her.
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I have been on Zoloft since about November 2001 after been diagnosed with reactive depression and also being diagnosed with ad/hd disorder in 1991, this only shows when I become really emotional, agitated, frustrated.  I have been really depressed and suicidal.  I took myself off Zoloft, thinking I was better but had a big withdrawn symptons and put myself back on.  I am now on valpro.  Can you tell me about this drug and any other information?  Thanks, God Bless.
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your ******.  get off the drugs... zoloft is ******** prescribed by dr's. to make money.  I've been on zoloft for 3 years now, and I feel gyped.  I've grown accustomed to it and its been hard to ween myself off of it.  my goal is to be free of anti depressants and antipsychotics altogether.  I have been duped into taking the ****, concequently I have been stuck in a 3-4 year prescription.  Leave zoloft.  you don't need it.   be comfortable with who you are, and what your about.  fight the power. and **** prescription drugs.  I know all to well.
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Look up "Gwen Olsen" on youtube or google video.
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