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Zoloft Issues?

Hello -

I am a 28 year old male, in good physical shape.  

At the end of Oct. / early Nov. I was working on a project that was not going well, and the level of stress and anxiety was new to me as I have never had that much of an issue with work.  The project ended on a Monday and that nite I felt some pressure or tightness in my chest, nothing I would call pain, just noticable.  After a few days of it not going away I went to see my doctor.  All my vitals were normal and he thought we should try an SSRI (Zoloft, 25 mg).  I was on Zoloft a few years ago for anxiety and it worked well, I ended it after about 12 months.  

About day 3 of the Zoloft I really hadn't noticed the chest tightness or pressure anymore (which I am guessing went away not because of the zoloft), but I did feel like my heart was pounding all the time.  After 8 days of Zoloft I decided to stop.  The heart pounding thing just didn't make sense to me and seemed to start with the Zoloft.  Sure enough I saw a sharp decline in the heart pounding and it was gone by the third day of being off Zoloft.  

Well, on the fourth day of stopping the Zoloft I noticed symptoms:  some pins and needles in my hands, some numbness in my right arm, sleep issues, mild hand tremors.  I decided to go back on the Zoloft, after two days of being back on the Zoloft my symptoms lessned.  Then I read about Zoloft side effects and withdrawal symptoms.  The heart pounding was listed as a side effect of Zoloft, not a top 5 side effect, but a side effect.  Then I read if you stop all of a sudden, especially if you had taken the medicine for at least one week, you can get withdrawal symptoms, and they read just as I described them above.  

All of this made sense so I stopped the Zoloft and after about a week and half, my withdrawal symptoms had faded away.  Now its been two weeks since I was last on the Zoloft but this weekend the heart pounding seems to have returned.  Its not as strong as it was, but it is there for sure.

My question - is the heart pounding thing just a symptom of my zoloft withdrawal...i read that any side effect of the zoloft can also manifest itself as a withdrawal symptom.  

I am gonna give it a few more days and if I am not back to normal I will return to my doctor, but I wanted to get your take on it.

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I would guess that the heart pounding is unrelated, and in fact, probably related to the stress that started all of this.  If I were you I would try to avoid Zoloft or anything like it, and deal with the issues that are bothering you without medication...its a bad habit, and at your age, you would be so much better off keeping your mental hygiene as well tuned as your physical shape.
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I'm sorry that you are going through such a rough time.
Antidepressants can cause all sorts of side effects.

When I was on Wellbutrin, my heart was pounding so loud that I could hear it when I was sitting watching TV! And I used to get this weird shaky tremor in my chest. I also had it when I was taking Zoloft. And I had pins and needles in my legs and feet all day long when I was on Zoloft. I work out in a gym four times a week and I have had an echo cardiogram done, so I know my heart is fine.

My "heart pounding" lasted for a couple of months after I stopped the Zoloft.

Be patient...it takes a while for the antidepressants to leave your system. Try not to worry!

Good luck!
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I've been on zoloft for about 3 weeks now. The doctor prescribed it to help with the sleeping problems I was having. I'm feeling more anxious than ever. My stomach feels jumpy for a few hours after I take a pill, 50 mg. This symptom combined with weight loss and chronic diarrhea is starting to make me re-evaluate whether I should be on this med, however, I do enjoy the weight loss. Has anyone else had similar symptoms and how long do they last? Most posts that I've read are from those that have gained weight so I'm wondering if this is a short-lived perk...

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I have been on Zoloft for several years now.  My doctor said I need to take it for a chemical imbalance in my brain. It does help me keep from dwelling on negative thoughts (for the most part) but it also prevents me from concentrating on things I really need to concentrate on.  I'm very forgetful now and more clumsy than ever.  I've also been having severe stomach and digestive problems for about a year or so.  Could this be side effects of Zoloft?  I was taking Xanax as well, but I have almost weaned myself from taking those.  Perhaps I need a new Psych doctor??  Help if you can.  Thanks.
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Stomach and digestive problems can certainly be from Zoloft. SSRIs are known to affect the digestive system.
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I hate zoloft. I was given it during the time that some unbearable things happened. All I know is that I just was angry I wanted to kill people I was throwing plates and breaking them. I would feel this intense irritability and wanted to hurt something which i have a problem without these drugs that I have kept under controlled. it also did that to my boyfriend to he was a major *** something I have never seen this mild mannered man act.  And how dare they sentence that boy for killing his grandparents to life in prison because I know how zoloft made me feel and my boyfriend feel and saying there is no link makes me mad. I hate the drug companies that lie and that was a flat out lie
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