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Zoloft (sertreline) vs. Prozac (fluoxetine)

I hope that someone can answer my question...This actually concerns my husband.

Several years ago, he was prescribe Prozac for depression. He had very bad reaction to the drug; within two weeks he was a countinuously angry and bitter person, where before he was simply depressed, bored and generally feeling low most of the time. This anger resulted in some very bad consequences. He basically lost all care or compassion for anyone, even his wife at the time. Once off of Prozac, he resumed his usual self. His doctor told him that rarely, patients will have this reaction to the drug.

I am now on Zoloft, and finding it to help some with my own depression and anxiety. My husband would like to try Zoloft, but is apprehensive because of his experience with Prozac.

My questions are, how closely related are these two drugs, and how much of a chance is there that he might have the same reaction to Zoloft as he did to Prozac?

I thank you for your time, and greatly appreciate any responses.

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It is not an easy answer...both medications come from the same family of medications..ssri's..but each have a distinctly different chemical formula.

Both are known to cause agitation since they are both a kind of stimulant...but usually zoloft is less assosiated with that.

It would probably be quite safe to experiment with low doses, and gradually increase or quit the drug, depending on the reaction.

Of course this should be done only if your husband's doctor thinks treatment is medically indicated.
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