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Zyprexa Zoloft and Marijuana


I have recently started Zoloft for anxiety. I was also given xanax. Xanax would calm me down a bit, but not stop my aggrivation, or quick temper. When my Zoloft dosage was raised to 100mg from 50mg I started to experience unpleasant side effects. Mainly the inability to sleep, no sex drive, leg tremors,  and yellow fingernails. I immediately went to the doctor when seeing my nails turn yellow.  My therapist suggested i may have bioplar II, hyper mania.
Until I can be diagnosed by a psychiatrist, my family doctor has given me Zyprexa to take for the next three weeks, and has lowered my Zoloft to 50 mg.  He stopped the  Xanax, as I cannot take it with Zyprexa. I would like to know why.
I smoke pot, but do not drink alcohol. I am aware that I will be told not to smoke pot. However I would like to know the actual side effects of this drug and marijuana.  
As well, I will be getting a wisdom tooth out soon. I will be precribed Vicodin, as Tylenol 3 w/ codeine bothers my stomach. Can I take these?
One other concern, is that I am starting birth control pills to regulate my periods,a dn help my PMDD.
Thanks for your help.
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I don't know why xanax is contraindicated...it is not listed in the drugs that interact negatively with Zyprexa. One possibility is that xanax can also be depressing, and you are taking enough antidepressant drugs to cover yourself already, and don't need an added load.

Marijuana effects some of the very same receptor sites that are targeted by the antidepressant medication in an antagonistic and unpredictable way.

You should be seeing a psychopharmacologist.
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