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Zyprexa for Teenager -- HELP!

I need some help urgently!  I have a 16 year old daughter that was released from a mental facility on Monday after a four day stay for self-mutilation.  This was her first time in such a facility.  The staff psychiatrist has her on Zylexa at 5 mg per day.  On Saturday she was given 7.5, dosage reduced Sunday because she was lethargic to 2.5, came home Monday and took 7.5 that night, last night gave her 5.0 before bedtime.  This morning she can barely keep her eyes open, eyes rolling back in her head when she tries to wake up, and she has had the jitters all day yesterday and again this morning.  I am taking her off of it!  My first question:  Can she just be taken off completely or should I slowly reduce the dosage over a few days.  Second question:  Isn't this a powerful medication and maybe too much for a 16 year old that weights 110 lbs??  I questioned the medication before they gave it to her, but the staff psychiatrist insisted I didn't know enough to determine what was best for her.  I have tried to speak with that psychiatrist, but since she has been released he won't treat her in any way.  I am in the process of getting her a psychiatrist in our town, but am dealing with the insurance company now and afraid I won't get my questions answered in time.  Thanks for any information or direction you can provide.  

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Yes, this is a very powerful drug, and should be given with great care, and only if the psychiatrist is certain something as powerful as this is necessary. Seeing the psychiatrist in town can help answer that question.

As for now, you should taper over a few days because there is a rebound possibility that can be very uncomfortable.

Press to get that appointment as soon as possible.
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Geez  I would never just take someone off a anti med..  I would seek out a medical person ASAP..  the hell with INS. and worry about the bill later right now your only worry is to your daughter..
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I have seeked out medical personnel!  Unfortunately her primary care physician doesn't know enough about the circumstances about the hospital and he won't change any meds another doctor prescribed.  Her therapist is not authorized to deal with meds, and won't offer an opinion obviously.  The physchiatrist that treated her in the hospital is absolutely no help at all!  I agree to hell with the money and insurance...but I still can't get any help. No one wants to take the responsibility and the hospital is dragging their feet on providing me her records to take to a qualified doctor.

The mental health in this country is in a sad situation and the quality of care does not even begin to provide what the patients need.  I would like to find out about federal legislation for the upcoming session on lack of adequate mental health.  Does anyone know of an organization for this issue and any websites?  I feel so helpless and have got to do something!  Too many children and adults are suffering.

Thanks for letting me vent and thanks for posting.  You have gotten me on my soapbox again, and I need that.

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