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Zyprexa vs. Risperdal

My friend was diagnosed with bipolar disorder last year where
he had treatment in a hospital and continued taking Zyprexa.
He responded well then, overcame his delusions, but was not
entirely happy with his meds. He stopped taking meds early this
year and was very happy and did very well.

Last month he had another psychotic experience and had to be
hospitalized. This time he was put on Zyprexa and then changed
to Risperdal. Ten days in hospital and two weeks of day-visits for therapy later, when he went back to work,
he again did not do well (though he was taking his meds).
His doctor said that he may not be responding to Risperdal and
switched him immediately to Zyprexa (10mg/day).
He did not do well in the next three days and went back again
to the hospital.

He is now recovering in the hospital but his progress seems slow.
He seems sleepy all the time, and is on Zyprexa.
The hospital doctor now wants him to switch to Risperdal!
(It's been 1 week since he has been hospitalized.)

From what the doctors say, there is no clear reason for his
latest relapse. Two possible reasons are that he may not have
responded well to Risperdal, and that he may have gone back
to work too fast. Given that, it does not make sense to me
that he should be put back on Risperdal (presumably just because
he hasn't improved as fast as before and because he is sleepy).

What should we do?
We are planning to get a second opinion.
The other options are to change the doctor who attends to him
at the hospital.
We plan to follow this, but really, are we correct in doing so?
Also, is there any other reason why Risperdal can be better
than Zyprexa? (he may have bipolar disorder or may have
schizo-affective disorder of bipolar type).
Is it possible that some people simply don't respond to
a particular medication in the long run, but respond to it
in the beginning?
Any light on what may be happening, or what we should do will

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the most important thing for you to do is get a second opinion from a person who specializes in psychopharmacology.   Its not unusual for people to respond sometimes to a medication and not at other times. Its also not unusual to change medications until you find the right one.  remember, the medication does not cure the person..it helps the natural curative process take place, and that's what has to be monitored.  Just being in a hospital and taking time off  is not enough.  there has to be some effective and concentrated  psychotherapy.  Ask about that aspect of treatment, and in fact, insist upon it.
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I have bipolar.  I have been on both respirdal and zyprexa.  The zyprexa i did not like because it made me sleep excessively and the respirdal gave me side-effects such as stiffness and drooling.  I'm not sure if this would would help your friend if he has has schzio-affective disorder but I have bipolar and i take lithium and a vitamin for depression called o3 mega+joy 3 times a day.  It's a type of omega 3.  I can't take regular antidepressants because they bring out my mania.  Hope you friend finds something that works.

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zyprexa gave me a blood clot and i am suing them,,i take lithium doing good on that, been arround the longest
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I am bipolar and I take Risperdal and have for about 10 years.  I do well on it.  My doctor tried to change me to Zyprexa, Seroquel and Abilify but I felt sleepy.  I don't seem to have any side effects from Risperdal.  Is your friend under great stress.  When I am, that is when I have bizarre thoughts and paranoia.  I still just stay on Risperdal and it doesn't last long.  See if you can help him eliminate some of the stress in his life.  Couldn't hurt.
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Has anyone on Risperdal had urinary incontinence?  I have to pee constantly.  The doctors are saying it's overactive bladder but I think it's the risperdal.

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I have never had a problem with incontinence on risperdal.  I hope you get to the bottem of this though.  What a drag!
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I have it occasionally.  It usually is when I sneeze or I am finished going to the bathroom and then stand up.  I never thought about it being the Risperdal.  I never had it before I took Risperdal.  It is so infrequent, but annoying. If you find out something about it, let us know.
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RISPERDAL--I took this for about a month and it gave me nightmares, nosebleeds, extreme anxiety, and it made my whole body stiff and hurt all the time.  They gave me cogentin for the pain.  Now everyone reacts different to medications and dosage is a factor as well.  I was told I had schizophrenia.. but then they changed it to obsessive compulsive disorder.  Another opnion was that I was bipolar.  I was taken off the anxiety and the doctor said that risperdal was not really a good medicine anyway but that is only one opinion.  Saline solution for the nosebleeds worked okay...cogentin worked okay for the stiffness as well as stretching daily.  I was perscribed Symbax {a mix of prozac/zyprexa}.  I was so happy to be off of risperdal that I settled for this even though it did nothing for my depression.  Hope this helps.
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My husband was just diagnosed as Bipolar.  He is currently in a severe manic state at a hospital here in GA .  He is taking Risperdal and Depakote.  Has anyone ever used this combination of meds and how did it help you or did it?
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