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Hi, Thanks so much for these forums, they are great sources of information. I have been on a half tablet of 2.5mg of Zyprexa for several years. Before that I took the full 2.5mg tablet, and before that 2mg of Haldol after a psychotic break. First, is it all right to be breaking these unscored tablets in half? I was told it was ok to do. Second, I am also wondering about side effects related to long-term dosing with these meds. Third, I have been told I could try to go off the Zyprexa, and I have no idea how this will work for me. I have had problems in the past with OCD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and am still hearing faint auditory hallucinations when tired, otherwise its not noticeable. Most of these problems have resolved but I can't be sure they won't return. Are there sometimes problems with symptoms rebounding and becoming worse after going off these meds? Thanks for answering my questions! Dannielle
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Dannielle...yes it is okay to break them in half, and at this low dose you should not be concerned about long term effects, although you should remain alert to any new information about that. It sounds like you should not be thinking of going off the medication since it is working so well, and yes there is always the potential of serious rebound effects. In any case, don't make this important decision without consulting your doctor.
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