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Ive been diagnosed with ADD  and chronic depression. I have difficulty focusing and have mood swings I also have no patients to the point I cant function in public (on occassion).My fiance thinks Im possibly bipolar. I saw a doctor approx. 1 year ago and was prescribed at first,adderall,but it knotted my stomach up so bad I couldnt stand. Then I was prescribed wellbutrin ,and that helped my depression to a point. my attention span is still a problem because I have difficulty staying focused.Sometimes reading a sentence over and over, and not following it. I was hoping to be put on desoxyn .A friend of mine is doing great on it,and without it,he's worse then me.I heard other good things about it. My former doctor was concerned about Dea issues. For him? or for me? I dont know.Who can tell me a direction to go to learn more about desoxyn and if it could help me please?Is there a doctor in colorado springs I could see? Please help me.
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Desoxyn is an amphetamine, and most doctors have stopped prescribing that because it is addicting, and has undesirable side effects, including heart problems.  There are many other medications to try, ask your doctor about them, including concerta as a possibility.
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