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anxiety and depression

a few months ago i use a substance and i thought it messed  me up. but later i found that it was just anxiety with depression. i have tried a lot to help myself(seeing a psycologist,and medical doctors,and have taken serzone for a month then switched to amitrypleline, and have changed my lifestyle) and i still feel symptoms of anxiety and depression at times. will this ever go away? or do i need to do more?

p.s.-i have a grandmother who has alzheimers and had a grandfather who had parkinsins diesease. i want to know if those are in any way hereditary? and if so by me abusing the substances what do i have to worry about?
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Dear James,
Depression and anxiety symptoms are common and often coexist.  It is unclear as to the type of symptoms you had or the severity, so the diagnosis is unclear.  The most common forms of depression, major depression is very treatable with 70-80% of patients responding to appropriate treatment.  Likewise panic disorder, one of the common forms of anxiety is very treatable. I suggest a re-consult with your treating physician regarding the your present symptoms and current treatment regimen.

The two major risk factors for Alzheimer's Disease are old age and a family history. Although the cause of dementia of the Alzheimer's type remain unknown, some studies have indicated that as many as 40 percent of patients have a family history of dementia of the Alzheimer's type; thus, genetic factors are presumed to play a part in the development of the disorder.  Certain forms of Alzheimer's, particularly those with an early onset, have clear genetic markers with chromosomal abnormalities.

Genetics does not play a primary role in the development of Parkinson's Disease. Toxic substances have been thought to cause Parkinson's disease based on an analogue of an illicit narcotic - MPTP - methyl-phenyl-tetrahydro-pyridine. It is highly toxic that causes Parkinson disease-like condition. Other substances known to produce similar symptoms are herbicides, cyanide, manganese, and carbon monoxide.

The information provided in this Forum is presented for general educational purposes only. Specific questions you have pertaining to your health should always be directed to your personal physician or you may call Henry Ford Behavioral Health at(248) 689-7476 for an evaluation.

     I wish you the best,

     HFHS MD - RG

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