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I am confused!  For the last 4 years I have been treated for anxiety/panic ... it has got increasingly worse ... i have had psychotherapy ... been on prozax, sertraline, paxil, benzodiazepines ... all with no real success ... i had taken some propranolol at a low dosage ... i had alot of tests done.  After moving abroad i saw a new doctor ... she was VERY concerned about my BP (i am just 26 and it was pretty high) and scheduled an immediate appointment with an endocrinologist ... VMA tests (x 2) both high, high catecholamines, high met and nmetanephrines ... CT scan of adrenals unrevealing ... now on atenolol daily ...

BUT, for years my old docs in the UK had been convinced there was no physical cause?????? I'm so confused about what to do next ... do I have high BP??? do i ahve a pheocromacytoma??? is it 'just' stress??

My symptoms are anxiety, panic, upper body and neck flushing, paleness, fatigue, constant dizziness, labile hypertension (upto 190/110)

What should I do next??

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Dear G,

It must be difficult suffering from multiple complaints without identifying a specific cause.
It would be improper to give a diagnosis without a complete history and physical.
Your symptoms may have one or multiple causes.
Medical illness may worsen your anxiety, and anxiety may worsen medical complaints, such as blood pressure, palpitation and sweating.
It is important to rule out a medical illnesss that may be attributing to your symptoms, than treat the psychiatric symptoms.
If your VMA levels were elevated this may be suggestive of pheochromocytoma.  Follow up with your physician.
Discuss your concerns with him/her.

Best Wishes,

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have you been tested for carcinoid syndrome? this does cause
upper body flushing. urine studies can check for this.
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