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bi polar disorder

how do they test for bi polar disorder?  Is it a blood test or
other type?
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Bipolar disorder is not diagnosed by blood tests, but by clinical symptoms and signs. This topic has been extensively dealt with in our forum in the past. For more information, you may search through our archives, using the keywords "bipolar disorder".
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My brother is in jail once again for disorderly conduct. I believe his problem is a mental one. Looking back to when we were children, I could remember him having violent outbursts which required himto be restrained so he wouldn't hurt me. Years ago they didn't have all the diagnosis they have today and his behavior was tolerated. He was looked at as a hyper child. As he grew I prayed he'd outgow it but it didn't happen.He turned to alcohol and became an alcoholic which today is being blamed for his problems. My mom had to have a PFA filed against him after he destroyed her house in a fit of rage. I called the jail to see about getting him evaluated and they refer me somewhere else. My call has gone unanswered. What can I do ? He has suffered long enough and so has the family. He's 44 and mostly everyone except me have deserted him. When he was in jail 4 months ago after his hearing they felt he was out of control so they shackled him and threw him naked in a cell. I had to get him out! That isn't rehabilitation! How can I save him from this treatment. My nerves are shot from trying only to see it happen all over again. Can he be committed? I feel it would be better than jail.
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I've heard that bi-polar disorder comes out in many ways, but that spending is the #1 vent, as opposed to drugs or alcoholism.Is this true where can the facts be found?
Thank you in advance
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Our niece is 43.  I am wondering what will happen as she gets older if she does not take any medication for the problem which is not doing now.
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