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chronic fatigue syndrome

Hello Doctor,

            I'm a 27 year old female, who already had a battle with depression, and panic disorder. My family doctor gave me Prozac to take which I'm off now, and have been for months. But now I'm having a problem with very bad fatigue, tender lymh nodes, muscle aches, and some joint pain. I have been through a lot of tests and have a clean bill of health. My doctor said I have nothing wrong with me. He even checked my thyroid. I was wondering about CFS. Does this sound like I may have this? Or should I insest on more tests? Thanks very much for your time.
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  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a controversial topic and is generally diagnosed in the absence of clinical evidence to suggest another disorder such as mononucleosis, thyroid dysfunction, anemia or other blood dyscrasias, or rheumatologic disorders.  Depression and anxiety can present as 'chronic fatigue' and generalized 'aches and pains'.  CFS is a baffling entity without a great explanation at present.  You may consider calling the Center for Disease Control and Prevention which offers free information and materials on this topic.  (404) 639-1338 or (888) 232-3228.  Website:  www.cdc.gov/ncidod/diseases/cfs/cfshome.htm may also be of interest.  Please discuss this issue further with your psychiatrist as resumption of your Prozac could be indicated.  I hope this was helpful.



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Depression can also cause those symptoms you mentioned. You may want to talk to your doctor about that possibility since you have recently gone off of anti-depressant medication. You may be starting a relapse of the depression which often starts with aches, pains and fatigue.
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Could you please tell me what 301.9 (DSM code) is and how treatable?  Thank you very much.
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