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as i have written here before i got off lexapro few months ago. the "zaps" are almost gone, but i am a wreck. very tense, sad, angry, i lack concentration and initiative.i sleep bad, and feel tired. i made an appointment with a specialist, but while i am waiting my general practitioner gave me tranxen. been taking it for 2 weeks and feel no any better. yesterday he prescribed DENUL -it consists 180mg heptaminol and 250mg deanol. i am not sure why he gave it to me. i tried to find info on line, but it has been dificult. seeing a specialist here ( in spain ) takes some time. meanwhile i feel at the end of my rope. i am very irritable, very sad and could hardly function on daily basis. could u tell me something more about denubil and is it worth stuffing myself with just another drug that will do no good for me.
so sorry i probably sound like a spoilt impatient bratt, but i am so sad and so desperate that i don´t know what to do. if i am to take the denubil would it interact oddly with the tranxen? and would i need to accumulate in my system before i see any results? dr. G- in advance- thank you so much for always helping me on here...
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I don't know anything about or can find any reliable information about Denulil...but tranxene is a medication that calm you down and may diminish some of the anger and irritability until you meet with your specialist.
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thank you so much!
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