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Someone just told me that myself and my sister describe classic dissociation symptoms.  I have never heard of this,  Could someone please explain this and maybe refer me to a website that would best define it for me.  I really can't think to clearly right now and could use a little assistance.
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I'm very sorry for your losses.  (Loss of a carefree childhood, loss of being treated with dignity and respect, loss of a normal life, etc.)
When one has been abused one can feel hopeless and powerless.  Sometimes one even believes that they deserve the abuse.  I think that people can feel so vulnerable and violated that they start to neglect themselves.   They give up on themselves, their hopes and dreams and they cease to look for ways out of the situation.  People can also often continue what others started.

Not being able to finish sentences could be a sign that things aren't right.
This use to happen to me in therapy.  I would forget things and not be able to complete thoughts let alone put them into words.
It may not be the same thing but it is worth looking into it or getting it checked out.

Sorry!  I did try not to overwhelm you by giving you too many resources.
I'm not sure where you could go for more user friendly information.
I use to chat at realmentalhealth.com.  Just talking to other people may help you.  
I'm not sure if there is a dissociation forum here -they have just about every other forum possible here though.

I googled dissociation.  Wikipedia defined dissociation disorder as, "periods of detachment from self or surrounding which may be experienced as "unreal" while retaining awareness that this is only a feeling and not a reality."
So I guess if things feel unreal and you get that it is only a feeling you could be experiencing symptoms of dissociation.

I'm missing the point here a bit and that is if you believe you're experiencing dissociative symptoms then you should see your doctor or psychiatrist.  Same goes for your sister.  Perhaps you could both go together.  Let the doctor take the lead.  The important thing is talking to someone (preferably a psychiatrist) about this.

Did the doctor say that they misdiagnosed you with BP II or is that just something that you feel?  Did you tell your doctor that someone said that they believe you may be dissociating?
I really think you need some clarification from your doctor.
Did they prescribe medication?  If so, is it helping?
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We were both abused as children and my sister is with a drunk who she's been with for almost 30 years, since 15 years old, who is very abusive. So I think she has it more so than I. She can't finish sentences. I tried googling it and I can't find anything for the average person to read. It's all mumbo jumbo.
Thanx everyone tho.
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I like wikipedia as a resource.  I also like the dsm-iv for information regarding psych disorders.  I don't have specific web addresses though.
You could even just google dissociation for more information.

I have issues with diagnostic labels but in defense of lay people even doctors get diagnoses wrong sometimes.

I expect the doctor is right, we all dissociate to some degree.  One form many of us are familiar with is highway hypnosis.  Where we drive and can't remember parts of the journey.  I don't know if I got that right but you could always check that out too if you were interested.

When people speak of bipolar I often think of the diagnostic label I have been given which is borderline personality disorder.  I think there is some cross-over between the two disorders.  Also people with bpd can present with episodes of dissociation due to extreme stress.
Dissociation seems to be high in those who have suffered abuse or traumatic events.  It's a coping mechanism.

If you are concerned that either you or your sister are dissociating then you should speak to your respective doctors.
I'm not sure what the probability of both of you experiencing this is.

Good luck with your research.
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Well I was misdiagnosed with bipolar II and I know I don't have it. But the little bit I found sounds a lot like us.
I really want to learn more. Please.
Thank you,
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Someone here might be able to point you to a source, but I can only suggest that you not take diagnostic labels too seriously, especially when recommended by non professionals...this word can mean a lot of different things to different  people.  In some ways all of us dissociate every day...it's just a mind mechanism, whereas the extreme form of this word means something else..like have a dual personality..and there are meanings in between.
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