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emotional detachment

I have a friend who says that he does not get emotional attached to things and that nothing truely ever makes him sad.  He says that he never crys.  When his pet dog died he didn't cry nor did he even get slightly emotional.  I have never known him to a address any issue of importance, and when someone does bring a confronatational issue up he says, "I just don't realy care". He can get mad, he just can't say how he feels.  
     He is also etreamly sarcastic.  He is able to give cut downs with ease, but has a hard time giving compliments.  More acurately the criticisms are directed towards a girl who he is dating.  Who he is quick to state is not his girlfriend.
     He realy is a good guy I just wounder what's makes him so unatached and how do you help-is it just his personality?

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I can understand your concern about your friend. It will be difficult if not impossible to give your friend a diagnosis without evaluating him. You may find it helpful to share your concerns with him, and encourage him to seek evaluation by a mental health professional.
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I was wondering what is emotional detachment syndrome and how can we recongnize it?
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