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finding someone to speak to

Hi I just have a question, i feel like i am at the end of my rope. I have been cutting since I was in jr high, I am 25 now. I thinkIm depressed, I"m not rally eating, I feel like a zombie.  I try to find a psych that is under my insurance, but I am getting nowhere, no one is just right or I get a voice mail and no call back. The process of finding soemone to talk to is too overwhelming, I just wanna make one call and have someone else take care of the details. Is there some place you can call and have everything taken care of and actually speak to someone. I just feel very frustrated. I feel like tthis is my last option. and if this doesnt happen or work nothing else will.
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I don't know of any such service, but you can ask your general doctor for a referral, or ask him or her to call for you.  You might also ask your insurance company to do the same thing.
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you have some family members you could talk to? or may be some close friend?
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Try talking to your regular Doctor. They should be able to suggest someone to talk to. Like a referral, which is many times covered by insurance. Tell your doctor you are having a problem in contacting someone. Your Dr. should be able to call for you and get an appointment and then let you know. I hope this helps.
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