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i am a 22 years old boy , i have made  several attempts to stop the masturbation , no results i found . actually i like to have sex with men only , but this is very bad , i need to be a gentleman . can give the suggestion or treatment for this ? i hope your precious response. thank you.  
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You have to make some very big decisions about your sexual orientation before you can decide about what is right, or the right amount, of sexual activity.  You may get more help on the forums that Jaquta recommended in terms of discussion that might help you make those decisions.
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The last person who spoke about masturbation here had his post redirected to the Men's Health Forum (which I thought was pretty harsh as he raised valid mental health issues and concerns).  You may get more feedback to your question on that particular forum.
You may also like to check out some posts on the compulsive behaviors forum as the expert there has answered some questions re: this same topic.

Good luck.
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