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help with problem

hiya there people, little confused so dont know were to post this but this forum seems like the best place

let me start by indtroducing my self, i am a 19 year old male, pretty active, and am slightly overweight not to much tho
i am 5 ft 11 and weight 12.7 st

i do smoke and would say on average i smoke around 8 cigs a day

the problem i am having is both mental and physicall

for the past week or so i have been feeling slightly weird and it began when i was cleaning my very dusty loft


light headed

feel like everything around me is fake sometimes, this feeling comes and goes and just feels like everythings around me has slighty decreased in its function, researched a bit and the illness derealization fits this feeling quite well

have been needing to go to the toilet quitre regurlarly for a number 2

do feel quite sick most of the time, but have not vomitted since this started

body aches

first i thaught it was smoking related but i dont see how, as i dont have a caugh or any chest pain or anything of that sort

i must add that i tend to get quite ill this time of the year but usually get some sort of infection, but this is becoming really weird i dont understand what to do,

any help would be greatly appreciated
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You have already received some very good advice..the diagnosis is between something like flu or allergy on one hand; or the early signs of anxiety on another..suggest you see your general doctor for some blood tests as the first thing to do.
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It started with cleaning?  Could be dust or mold allergy.  I have developed an intense dust allergy, and when I do something like that I suffer for two weeks.  Get bronchitis, very weak.  
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I would suggest you see your doctor.
Flu?  Stress-related?  Altitude sickness.  Just kidding but maybe ...  Maybe I've seen a few too many episodes of House.
You need an experts opinion.

Me too Paxiled.  I'm just getting over secondary asthma and bronchitis following a viral infection.

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