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lexapro dosage

I have been taking 40 mg of lexapro for about 2  years. I recently tried to taper off of it over one month reducing by 5mg each month. The withdrawal was so bad the last week I went back on it out of desperation. Now I'm not having the same horrible withdrawal symptoms (constant weeping, stomach cramps, panic attacks) but feel terribly depressed even though I am back on the original dosage. Did tapering off and then going back do something metabolically to my system. Any suggestions. I feel like a huge black cloud is over me. I wanted to go off of it because I did not feel I needed it anymore and because of the cost. Also, once I started reading about it, it seems that 40 mg is more than most people take.
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This is a frequent occurance, tapering off and restarting without the same effect, and it is probably not a metabolic change, but a change in you that might have started with the severe withdrawal experience.  You can either wait a bit longer of the same dose and if it begins to work try tapering down with your doctor to 20 mg; or ask your doctor for another medication to cover your depression; or see a therapist and try to work out your depression.
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