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lexapro withadrawls

im so glad i found you guys, i  identifiy with everything, especially the ZAPS  i just want to know when does it STOP!  please someone give me hope. thank you
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Hi there, I feel your pain.  I tried to go off Cymbalta and zaps galore, oh my gosh!  I couldn't even walk straight like a drunk and I finally called my Dr. who said, okay, go back on it.  I did because I was so nauseous from the zaps/dizziness that I just couldn't take it anymore.  For me, cold turkeying 60mg a day of Cymbalta was hell.  I gave in on the fourth day.  I am a tough person, but that was ridiculous.  So, we have slowly tapered to 30mg and now I get zaps when it its time to take it again (meaning I am already withdrawing after 24hrs).  I suppose if I ever want off, it is literally going to have to be over months of tapering.  Take care and hang in there....it can be done.  I did it off Zoloft and survived.  
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