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meds making me itch

I am on triliptol and lithium and am getting rashes and pins and needles all over my body.Is there something that can be done that can stop this.The meds.are working so well I am afraid to get off them but can not take the pain of the rash.
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You must see your doctor because it sounds like an allergic reaction..if the medications are the cause you may have to change or take some steroids...but don't delay, allergic reactions are serious.
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I don't know what these symptoms in combination mean.  A rash could be due to an allergy to the medication.  You can sometimes get pins and needles from anxiety (or any number of other reasons).  From memory some members have mentioned pins and needles when withdrawing from medication.

You could always discuss this with your doctor.  Pain may affect your compliance therefore it would be really important to do so.  Also if you're just starting these medications it may be a normal response.  Best to get it checked out.
If it's hives or something like that you may be able to use a cream to soothe it.

If you have trouble breathing or anything like that you should stop the med and talk to a doctor immediately.

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