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night sweats and trazodone

I take 100mg trazodone nightly, and get terrible night sweats 4-5 times each night, all night long.  I wake up completely soaked!  I took seroquel before, and hated the way It made me feel.  I like the way the trazodone works, but I just can't stand the night sweats anymore.  They have been going on for about a month now.  I thought they might go away after my body got used to the medicine, but it is no different at all.  I don’t really want to try another new medication, because I have had 2 very bad reactions to medications before.   Is there anything I can do to just help the night sweats?  I read somewhere that I could try some of the over the counter medications that are used for menopause.  That would be fine with me, if it would eliminate the night sweats, not interfere with my other medications, and let me stay on trazodone.  Is this a good solution?
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If the night sweats are because of the medication, and not menopause, then those over the counter pills will not work, and depending on what is in them, may not work well with your other medications...since you are on other medications, only your doctor can give you a safe answer about what will hurt and what will help.
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