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paxil and wellbutrin xl

Hi, I am a male 22 years old and have been on and off different meds for the past 2-3 years. I tried most all ssri's and didn't find much change if any from the meds, although I would go through phases whare I would drink alot, and am certainly someone who likes to drink. I am currently on paxil 40mg a day and wellbutrin xl 450mg a day. I have been on these meds for probably 2 months or more. started at low dosages but increased as me and my doctor seen fit. I increased the wellbutrin because of the sexual side effects, but even still didn't get the results I wanted, sexually. Since the new year, I have cut back on my drinking big time. I have went  pretty much 3 weeks now without drinking alot, alot meaning 12 plus beer a night sometimes for 2-3 nights straight. Since the new year I have probably drank 3 to 4 times and 6 or less beer each time. I still Don't see a big difference in my mood, although other people do, besides having a little more motivation, and not so deeply depressed. I suffer from anxiety, which never really seems to improve,only with tranquilizers. I am planning on moving away for work very soon,but it is going to be stressful, being away from my girlfriend and family for a while along with the depression and anxiety. I gues my questions are, is the little alcohol i'm drinking effecting the pills? have I just not waited long enough after the new year for results? should I consider changing the meds?

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I think the drinking and the medication are both false attempts to feel better when the real issues of what you are doing with your life, your relationships, and your future remain unaddressed.  Don't look for a magical cocktail to fix your life, your mood.  You are young and have a big future...start putting it together the right away, get some momentum, and your symptoms will decrease dramatically without drugs of any kind.
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