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perscriptions not working

my paxil does not seem to work anymore. my doctor told me to stop takeing it and gave me cymbalta.can i just switch without any sideaffects or should i see a doctor? Ive been on it for seven years and when i miss one pill i get dizzy.Now i am haveing bad angziety attacks.
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In general, you should be able to switch because both medications target the same brain system, although cymbalta also works on another. But to be sure, ask your doctor to suggest a transition period during which you lower your paxil, and increase the cymbalta until you get the desired effect.
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i have been taking prozac for about 3 years, and it is currently not working.  my doctor, who i love to pieces, usually has me stop one med cold turkey ONLY if i am starting up on another one.  i know from past experiences that your medication stays within your system for awhile, but if you are feeling really crappy, you should contact your doctor, especially if you aren't taking another med now....
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I believe I have heard that Paxil is hard to withdraw from and can cause some uncomfortable side effects.  I have never been taken off of 1 medicine cold turkey and straight on another one.  I am always given a plan to wean off of one and get started gradually on the new one.  My doctor has told me that the brain does not like quick changes and generally doesn't respond quickly to meds, which is why alot of mental health meds take so long to start working.

Ever heard:  "You should start to be able to tell if this is working in about 4-6 weeks?"   I always think, "you have got to be kidding me!"  When you feel like **** 4 minutes seems to long to wait.

I hope you start feeling better soon.  Anxiety attacks have been sheer torture for me at times in my life and I never know when they will come back.  I can take the depression better, but those panic attacks.  Words can't describe the feeling.
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