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physical symptoms from depression?

thanks so much for your help in advance.
i am writing because i would like to find out if these symptoms
are from anxiety,stress and depression or something else.
about 2 months ago my girlfriend ended things with me. i will admit that i have been depressed,stressed and aniety from this situation and others. i am a 33yr old male who is in very good shape and i just had a physical done 6 months ago and everything came back normal.( cholestrol was a little high)my physical symtoms are muscle twitches all thru out my body. which are just annoying (not painful).muscle tenison and muscle pain and shooting pains.to be specific the pains are all thru out my body.these pains run from being mild to painful.the shhoting pains usually last a second or two. the muscle pains seem to last all day on and off. i also have headaches.the headaches are somewhat painful. i would describe them as tension headaches.however when i take tylenol and advil, they do not help at ALL.and actually seem to make things worse. i also have a pain in my stomach( mostly when i eat)i believe that there is something physically wrong and that my stress,aniexty and depression are making things worse)which came first the chicken or the egg? its become a very frustrating cycle.i am going to see my doctor on thurs and have more tests done and reccomend me to a therapaist. im currently not taking any mediacation. my million dollar question is it possible and probable that my anxiety,stress and depression are causing the physical symptoms and if so how can i deal with this? whether its thru mediaction or therapy.
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jon, the diffuseness and persistence of the symptoms is strongly suggestive of anxiety, and if your tests come back negative its almost a certainty.  The combination of therapy and some medication is the ideal way to deal with this, but if you feel you are getting some insights in the first few sessions, you might hold off on the medication, it may not be necessary.
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Yes, possible and probable. In fact, highly probable.  

Things to try are meditation, exercise, listening to upbeat music, staying out of bed in the daytime, keeping busy (esp doing things for other people, eating regularly and stopping researching symptoms.  Trust your doctor and be honest with them.

Heat packs, baths etc. might help you in as you seem to be expressing your inner feelings through your muscles.

Be kind to yourself.  It will get better.

Good luck.
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Hi, It is amazing, I had very similiar symptoms as you have.  I had a extreamly stressful incident about a year ago.  I started to have physical symptoms as a result.  My symptoms were muscle twitches all over my body, muscle tension and muscle aches and pain.  Also it felt as if my extremeties were numb with warm and cool sensation.  I still have it to a degree, my doctor prescribed wellbutrin which helped about 60% and he finally gave me some klonopin which helps somewhat, it usually just makes me tired.
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