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I have been diagnosed with GAD and major depression. I cannot take SSRI drugs because I have an adverse reaction. I am on 150 mg of Wellbutrin and building up to 30 mg (for now) of Pamelor. My doc did not want to double the dose of Wellbutrin because I was still not sleeping well. I have had numerous medical tests. Normal MRI's of brain and cervical spine w/contrast, normal blood work, normal thyroid, normal sedemintation rate, normal chest x-ray, normal brain CT scan. My question is I still have odd sensations all over my body. Pins and needles and twitching are the most annoying and scary to me. The nuero said my exam was absolutely normal and that my twitching is caused by my anxiety. I have been totally depleted from the depression and anxiety. I also have aches and pains like exremity cramps and it feels as if someone is slapping my brain from the inside, my back aches. I brought all of this to the attention of my PCP and she blames every single symptom on the GAD and depression. My right arm always feels tired (not weak). The neurol said the same thing, that it's fatigue from the GAD and depression. Sometimes I shake (sometimes at rest and other times in motion)Could the medicine be causing that? Or is anxiety. I asked the nuero why they didn't image my thoracic spine and I was told my symptoms were too difuse for it to be a problem w/that part of my spine. I just feel as though the docs are missing something. I want to believe this is all due to anxiety and depression but it is very hard. I am now in therapy too and it has helped some but I need to be in it longer. Can stress and anxiety cause back pain, leg pains, twitching and pins and needles. I don't even know what type of doctor to even go to at this point for a second opinion. These symptoms seem so physical to be caused by GAD and depression. Please give me your opinion and answer all of my questions to the best of your ability. I feel like my docs think I am an hysterical hypochondriac anymore and are not listening to me anymore. Thanks.
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All of your symtpoms are quite consistent with anxiety as a cause. They definetly fit into that category.  It is important to rule out medical problems, and it seems as if your doctors have already done that. You should look to your psychotherapist for help. Use the medications as a way of diminishing your anxiety, but your therapy as a way to master your anxiety.
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I too had a lot of the same simptoms, for many months I didnt not believe that they were caused from anxiety.  I had pains in my right arm. numbness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headache, confusion, feeling like I was dying or going crazy, very strange feelings in my head, shaking, chest pains, tightness in chest, rapid heartbeat, palpitations, fatigue, restless nights, loss of appetite, pains all over my body, depression, muscle tightness, ringing in ears, trouble breathing, drymouth, loss of interest in everyday things.. I have been doing a lot of research about this sort of thing, I was on paxil for a couple of months but it made me even sicker and gave me more anxiety.. now this is what I do, and I am feeling so much better.
I take st johns wort everyday, all the B vitamins, Calcium with magnesium, some days extra magnesium,  I eat really healthy.  I do yoga, meditate and do breathing excercises everyday, go for walks.  I put positive thoughts into my head everyday,  it also helps to write you thought down on paper everyday,  I read a lot. try to focus on things that I enjoy,  i was drinking kava tea once in a while for anxiety but I dont need it any more,  Also i took  a little melatonin at night for sleep,  sometimes in the morning I would take gaba calm I dont take it very often anymore. also bachs rescue remedy works well ( only if you find the right flower for your specific symptoms) also try cutting back on the bad carbs, no smoking drinking alchohol or caffeine.  also sometimes I drink hot apple cider and it helps pain. Eat bananas, avocados, turkey, some cheese, oatmeal, dried fruits and nuts, vegetable ( like cooked broccoli) this has all helped me alot,  Im getting better everyday, if you want more advice let me know,  I hate it when people try to charge alot of money to make people better,  I dont think anyone should suffer like this.
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What type of pains did you have? Sometimes I think the leg and back pain are from muscle tension. Especially the leg pain because I was tense for 4 months until I was diagnosed. Then you can't help but think that you hear stories all the time when people are mis-diagnosed and then it's too late. I do think I have carpal tunnel in my right arm for sure and maybe my left but that I wouldn't be worried about being life threatening. I actually had several panick attacks and then it went to GAD and that's when I was diagnosed. Another reason that I find it hard to accept all of my pain is being caused only by GAD and depression is because it is mostly on one side of my body. Thanks for your response and input.
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I also had several panic attacks and turned into gad and depression.  The pains I was having was kind of like dull muscle cramps that you get in your legs sometimes( by the way I used to get those all the time and then I just balanced my salts and potassium and then took calcium and magnesium, and it went away. this was way before the gad.) I had pains in my neck, shoulders back, legs and hands. sometimes they were like a tight pain.  If you had all the test done you shouldnt worry.  Don't worry you are not crazy.   I thought something must be wrong with me too because all my pain was in my right arm and the right side of my body, then I realized that its probably because I am using my right arm a lot for things like using the mouse and stuff, So I started using my left arm more and then the pain started to go away in my right arm.  Also I got some tiger balm from the health food store and that helped a lot,  try some exercise and the vitamins I talked about.  The best thing you can do right now is except that it is your anxiety, then you can move forward and get better. good luck
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This shaking is really getting to me. Explain your shaking to me if you would. I was told that Wellbutrin can cause tremor and of course I know anxiety can cause it. My hand shakes a lot especially my right hand. It can shake at rest or in motion. When it's at rest it's not totally at rest like total muscle relaxtion but it can be supported by something and shake. Now I'm convinced I might have Parkinson's.
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have you been checked for parkinsons? I read that lack of dopamine in the brain produces the skakiness and stiffness of people with parkinsons?  I had a lot of skakiness especially when I was taking paxil.  But I know now that  excessive fear of being seriously ill was making me skake alot, I take flaxseed oil everyday and my skaking is gone.  If the doctor says you dont have parkinsons then dont worry, its just your nerves.  try listening to meditation music.  Do you take birth control pills?  I have for 5 years and it can cause anxiety and depression. they pill depletes all the vitamins that are good for nerves like all the B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, folic acid and zinc.
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