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side effects of neurontin

i have Oligodendroglioma tumor and i'm using neurontin 600 mg 4 times dayly + Depacote 250 mg two pills in the morning and 3 in the evening. after surgery i've lost some vision and start to have color light flashes on the right of my vision. Doctor prescript me this medication to get rid of those flashes. i start to feal pain in a back of my head, can it be because of medication? could you tell me what kind side effects have neurontin depakote? Can this madication call me depression or other mental stuff?
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I am sorry, I am not qualified to answer that question. It is a complex neurological issue and only a doctor who knows all of the facts and has access to your x-rays can answer that. Anything I say might be misleading, and the answer is too important to you to take that chance.  sorry I couldn't help.
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you should really buy an updated pill book. i really learned a lot from it. the side affects does say poor concentration, confusion,i read it from the pill book 10nt adition,
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JULY 12. MSNBC is running a piece on its site (a transcript of a Dateline show) which reveals, to the uninformed, a staggering medical- drug scandal at Parke-Davis, a division of Warner-Lambert, a subsidiary of Pfizer.

The company has pushed a little drug called Neurontin, approved for epileptic seizures, up the hill and into the wild-blue yonder of a variety of off-label uses---e.g., for so-called bipolar disorder.

Neurontin now outsells Viagra.

The company has used salesmen and
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