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i was wondering what , if any, are the long term effects of taking 40 mg of ativian
(i was in the hospital a little over a day and very out of it ie i do not rember what happened that 24 hr period)
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Overdoses of benzodiazepines such as Ativan may cause amnesia,  drowsiness, lethargy, slurred speech, ataxia (unstable gait), hypotension, confusion, respiratory depression, coma, and death. I am not aware of any specific long term effects of single episodes of Ativan overdose. Please discuss your concerns further with your treating physician/psychiatrist.

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i took 77 antivan and i am still alive
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my name is mike
my girl left me 4 month ago
the hard ship she caused is so hard to take at time
1 min i miss her so much the next min i hate her for what she did to me
the pressure is so great on me
going to college full time and working full time is hard as well
she used the credit cards and using the phone, cost me over $1000
i lost my house just to pay for the expense she caused,
lost a wondering person like that was to hard to take
i am ugly and she is so pretty and i have tried to date other girl now but they just all laugh at me
because i am so ugly and they would never go out with me
i have turned to god for the answer, but even god will not help
it is so easy to just end it.
i have no friends to turn to or family
i live alone here
i drink alot and smoke too much
maybe with all that drink and smoking will end it quicker

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Mike, My heart goes out to you.  If you need someone to talk to please e-mail me at ***@****.  God Bless you!
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I have recently had a family  member to commit sucide, at the age of twenty-one. I was looking for answers and i have found most of them. this death happen september 7 of this year. i would like to know is it common for a right handed person to shoot themselves with the left hand it seems odd to me, just wondering  is this a pattern also in sucide.
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i od-ed in march this year, but i was rescusitated. since then i've had nothing, i feel as if i was meant to die that day, and that i am being punished for cheating fate.

i feel so guilty,
but i an afraid to hurt my family by getting it right this time, even though i don't see them anymore,


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40mg of attivan can suppress your breathing and kill you.
Even 20, taking over a whole day, was considered life-threatening when I called poison controlfor a friend.

Ok and now for MIKE... please please, mike, things change. They really do. You seem to be severely depressed. Look, hopelessness and being suicidal are symptoms of depression. You need to be aware of that. It is very dangerous. Please call 911 (if you are in the uS. otherwise your emergency number)at once if you are acutely suicidal.
There are crisis lines too for when you need help. 1-800-SUICIDE is a national one in the US.

Please never forget that you need to end the pain, not your life. You can end the pain without taking your lifre. ALWAYS give yourself time when you start feeling a crisis coming up. Wait at least a week to reassess the situation.
Find new coping skills.
I was so depressed and stuck and lonely, but my life has tunred around completely.

You too who wrote the first message. i want to give all of you guys hope. There IS hope!!!!


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Also... all of you who are suicidal... make yourself a SURVIVAL PLAN for the bad days. Have it ready in advance. Write down:
1) numbers to call (of course in an acute emergency call 911)
   crisis lines, friends...
2) things worth living for. Write those down on a better day, if    possible. Add "I might not believe this while i am depressed,    but they will mean something to me again."
3) Advice for yourself: Wait at least a weeka nd the re-assess
   I need to stop the pain, not my life
   What do I really need? New coping skills maybe...

Please please remember: there is ALWAYS hope.
We are all part of God's creation and He loves each and every one of us very very deeply.
Do not give up.

I really care.
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To Mike, Morley and anyone contemplating suicide,
  My brother committed suicide last March. It has caused great
anguish for/me and my entire family.  He left a wife and a 7 yr/old
son plus myself and 2 other brothers.  We have all gone on anti-depressants since his death. We cry all the time and ask why he would leave us.  He battled manic-depression for 15 yrs and found no relief but only to escape. I can't tell you how many people you would hurt if you were to go through w/it. PLEASE DON'T. The pain is unabearable for those around you and I really don't think it will ever go away.  I miss him so much and think of him everyday.There is a huge void in my life and it will never change.
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get a grip
life is what u make of it
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Bob, you are a sick *******.
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Mike Please don't think about ending it.
I know life is hard. it sure is hard for me because
i suffer from social anxiety. i get so nervous around
any new people or person i meet my whole body goes into
shock and i cant funtion. but i fight and i fight. because
I believe that life is a beautiful thing. and the more i fight i do notice things to get better little by little. so Please
Mike cheer up.

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i really need some one to talk to my e-mail address is [email protected] atlantic.net I think about taking my life every day i feel as doe i am a let down a wast of skin a uselessperson i know that i need help i just don't know were to go
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Im a married 25 year old Male,a partnerin a successful computer company living in South Africa.On the 21March 2000 I also decided that I had enough and was simply too"tired" to carry on living.
I too came from a typically dysfunctional family:Mental,Physical,sex abuse.You name them,I got it all
This childhood baggage I carried around with me for years until
I realised how much it was effecting my marriage and work life.
But I chose to ignore the consequence of my action.Sure some people say its a cowards way out etc.But NO-ONE knows your personal pain until they've experienced similar treatment/conditions.Almost every time you hear some-one say "I know how you feel" it feels like you want to assault them or something because they DONT know your pain....
Anyway, my time came when I woke up one day and decided I'd just had enough,and didnt want to or need to be hurt anymore!
Carefully planning every step to the finest detail,I took my 9mm Para pistol,loaded it with the highest velocity rounds I could find,stood in front opf my mirror in my bathroom(Just to make sure the aim was spot on)and without giving it a second thought,I put the pistol to my right temple andpulled the trigger
As luck would have it,It wasnt meant to be.I survived the suicide attempt but am in a wheelchair today.My condition is whats known as a hemiplegic(The entire left side of my body is paralyzed.To make things worse.My wife was pregnant and neither of us knew about it.The gunshot penetrated and destroyed the MotorArea of my brain.Fortunately my memory,speech.hearing and site were not effected.When the paramedics collected me from my apartment,the senior medic told my wife and friend that I'd be lucky to make it to the hospital alive,let alone survive the ordeal.I spent 4 weeks in ICU,2weeks of which I was in a coma
Upon my discharge from ICU I was admitted to a Rehabilitation centre for Physio etc.I spent 3 gruelling months in a state/provincial hospital.Got beat by unsupervised nursing staff
belittled,stripped of my dignity.suffered the humilation of not being able to make it to the toilet on time,not being able to dress myself etc.The moral of this drawn out example of suicide
is this:No matter howrible things may appear to be,TRUST ME trhings could be ALOT worse!!!!The reasons I chose to take my own life are still there and are still obstacles in my life,except now I'm less equipped to deal with them and the people responsible for causing them............THINK LONG AND HARD!!!!
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Not so long ago (march) i tried to od on some anti-depresnt tablets. The recomended dossage was one a day and i landed up taken about 7 and i landed up in hospital for like 2 days. Since then i have never been the same i feel as if i was supposed to go and leave that day. It just makes me more sucidal every day waiting to see what happens. I think one day i might try it again but this time do a hell of a lot more to myself. I have a girlfriend who is all cool but i dont think she can really help me she is just somebody i care for and love and thats it on this earth. For those who r wondering i'm 15 years old
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feeling abandoned, neglected and lonely, depressed.  they are words, but no words can ever begin to explain and decribe the way things feel inside, through out your entire being, like there is nothing that can make it go away, waking every morning afraid to open your eyes because you know the black cloud is looming over you, ready destroy your entire day.  I think depression is one of the most excrusiating feelings in the world.  because everything just stops.
For Mike,
i can relate all too well to your situation.  It happened to me a few months ago, and I just took off.  I scratched up every penny i had saved, and could get my hand on and bought a plane ticket to England.  I know this sounds extreme, but it gave me an entirely new perpective on my life.  To see that there are so many people out there and not everyone is socially inclinded.  People who feel like we do, view the world through eyes that see everything the way they want to see it.  
I came back to america  a few days ago, and it is still really hard to cope but it is easier.  People tell me that it will get better in time, i hope it is true.
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for the pepole who think that sucide is the way out it is'nt I know i tried it many many times i am glad that you have a page like this it helps people relize things it helped me relize alot!!!!!!!!!!!
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for the pepole who think that sucide is the way out it is'nt I know i tried it sevral times  nothing is worth dying for not one thing I like to think on my bad days that other people have bigger problums and your not alone
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To all those considering suicide:

I tried once and failed (good thing).  A few days ago was suicidal again, so called crisis and was put on a 72 hour hold as danger to self.  They wanted to know what would keep me from trying to kill myself in the future. One thing I believe-we are put here to do or learn something.  If we kill ourselves, we have not done what we were meant to do, and so we are doomed to repeat that life in one way or another.  So, stick around, and do it (life) right this time around.

Also, I have always wanted to die, ever since I can remember.  These were not 2 isolated incidents, just accumulations of a lifetime.
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There is a question which I wanted to ask,

for anyone who had been depressed for a long time

do you experience unexplained hair loss, dry skin, and other physical symptoms of illness, which doctors say you are
perfectly fine?
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why do you attempt suicide?
do you have any physical illness,

I have some physical illness which doctors won't even recgonise, and sometimes I think I'm a bit psychi, but why did you try suiciding?

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