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ultram for depression

i have treatment resistant depression. my doctor and i have been through just about every medication i have heard of. recently he mentioned trying ultram. has anyone heard of this pain medication for depression. i really need something to really help but i really don't see how this one added to the regimine will be of benefit. i am on parnate, amitrypiline, cytomel, lithobid, klonipin, and i think thats all. this has helped some but i'm still having mostly very bad days and having a hard time coping. we tried ect in the beginning but it's benefits were short lived. he has also mentioned trying again but i really don't know if i want to go there again. if i thought it was  going to be more helpful i would definately consider it. do you see any benefit from a second round of ect? thanks molayne
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This has not been used for depression and could have quite unpredictable effects on all the other medicaitons you are taking.
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I have been on Ultram and noticed immediately upon taking it the first time a mood elevating effect. That is why it is somewhat addictive. Klonopin is good too but that is more to fight anxiety that depression. I take both and love them both!

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thanks wildcat, but i was hoping to get some feedback from the doc as well. it seems my question was either trivial or overlooked. i am glad the ultram worked in your favor but i have tried so many i just don't have much faith in the medications any more. its an ongoing battle that i can't seem to win. hope it keeps working for you.   molayne
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I just noticed when re-reading your message that you mentioned ect. I read it can and has been proven to cause brain damage. They have done exaustive studies and it causes more harm than good. It is simply giving you a seizure.

I have a seizure disorder caused by brain damage, wwhich was caused by my first set of seizures when I detoxed off of alcohol and went through seizures and DT's. You may want to drop some of those other drugs you mentioned as they may not mix well either. I like Klonopin, Ultram and Codiene. I feel like a new person.

It is hard to find a doc to give codiene at a fairly heavy dose for very long however because of the addictiveness. I always say, better to be an addict than to be dead from depression leading to suicide. And I don't go for suffering year after year. I did that most of my life and now I learned I don't have to anymore. If they want me to struggle I will simply move on to the next lifetime. I can function at a high level of all three of those drugs combined and work great and with complete logic and articulation. When I am depressed I am irrational, illogical and unfunctional. So I hope these self righteous doctors listen up for a change and do the patients some good instead of preaching that old puritanical style ****. Thanks for listening. Hope you are feeling better and find the right mix for yourself. Keep trying, but stay away from the SHAKEDOWN/BREAKDOWN ROOM!!!!

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