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weaning off of celexa

I have been on ssri for 2 years... one year on prozac and now 1 yr on celexa 40mg....told my dr...because of weight issues i wanted to try to go off... but i had no other side effects...he had me do a 40 one day 20 next for a week and then this week I started 20 a day 3 days into the 20mg...i have two serious bouts with depressed feelings and very tired, i am assuming these are withdrawal symptoms....i also am having the urge to have ababy go figure...i had a hysterectompy 4 years ago and never desired this before....anyone esle experience these kind of withdrawals
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When you off these medications, you begin to feel your own feelings again...and that can be very good...sounds like you are reexperiencing the suppressed feeling that happens after a hysterectomy...some real life, but tempoary, depression about the loss of what might  have been, but can't be. Process it, don't panic, just feel and think and sort things out.
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Feeling depressed and tired can be normal.  I would have concerns because you mention 'two serious bouts'.  This is something you need to monitor.

I sometimes have a desire to have a baby/ babies.  I am not in a relationship but sometimes I feel I could be a total **** just to achieve this (although this goes against all my values and beliefs).
I think it can be both biological and psychological.

I don't know if this helps much.

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