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wellbutrin + zoloft

55 yo male - long hx of intermittent depressive episodes since early 20's.  Never interferred much w/ occup or marital adjustment.  Mostly have used psychotherapy w/ some adjunctive meds on occasion.  Past meds have incl zoloft, prozac, buspar, paxil @ relatively low doses for relatively short periods of time (6 mo - 1 year).  Currently taking Wellbturin SR 150 mg in AM -- for about past 8 months.  Increased energy.  But still having trouble "getting out there and enjoying life" the way I would like to.  I am considering talking to my MD abt Wellburin + Zoloft combo. I've never taken more than one psychotropic at a time, and am leery abt taking a lot of meds anyway. Zoloft helped 5 years ago bring me out of my only major depressive episode (which lasted circa 4 months and resulted in my taking several months off from work).  No hosp. No suicidal ideation.
My Q:  Is there literature or clinical/anecdotal evidence suggesting these two might work well in combination?

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these are frequently used together with good results..many people who have side effects from zoloft but want to continue it find the combination working quite well...although I have reservations about taking more than one psychotropic, this particular combination does seemto be useful.
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