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what mental problems are hereditary?

On my mother's side of the family;I have an uncle that has paranoid tendencies with schizophrenia that he denies treatment for,my other uncle has schizophrenia also but recieves medicine,my 11 year old brother is Autistic with Obessive Compulsive Disorder and my mother had a stroke at the age of 37 years, and has always been slightly below average in intelligence and has a severe speech problem.

I have two young children (ages 5 and 3 years)that both have developmental delays.  My 5 year old is mildly Autistic with Obessive Compulsive Disorder and my 3 year old has ADHD with a speech impairment.  With my family history should I be concerned with the Autism and ADHD leading to schizophrenic behavior?  Should I be concerned for myself also?  If so, what are the warning signs?
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You are wise to be concerned, but you don't have to be unduly alarmed.  You sound like you have your hands full with your children.

I would strongly suggest that you go to the university center nearest your home in order to find the genetic specialist who can do a workup and  tests to answer your hereditary risk question.

I would also talk tothe doctor who diagnosed autism.
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