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I have not found a med. that works well for me and I have been fighting this off and on for 2 years. I am about to start taking zoloft and before it made me feel weird and spacey. Is this normal at first? I just want to be happy and back to how I use to feel. I have every reason to be happy. I pray everyday to get better. Is zoloft a good one to take?
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The above comment is a good one.  Yes, you may feel spacey, but starting with an even lower dose or using klonopin at a low dose for a while can help that....in addition to medication, you should also explore counseling. That is the best combination...get to the source.
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I am sorry that you are feeling this way....how about lexapro? have you tried it? I have taken it twice and every time for a year and a half....it has helped me a lot,really....the only thing that make me get off of it is the weight gain....not that much of a weight gain tho,about 5 to 6 pounds....but enough to bother me...so I decided to take klonopin ......which helps me too........dont lose hope,I'm sure you will find one that will help you....be patient....you need to give the medication some time to start giving you the full benefit and effect....it is recommended to combine klonopin or xanax then you start an antidepressant until the antidepressant kicks in..ask your dr about it....yes it is normal to feel spacy and weird in the beginning of your treatment so that's why they prescribe a kind of benzo with it to ease your side effects of the antidepressant......I wish you the best.!!!! I know,depression and anxiety suck......
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