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zyprexa withdrawl

I have been on Zyprexa for over 8 months started weaning off a few months ago and stopped it a week ago ever since then the treamors i was having have gotten worse and my stomach has been upset ive lost 7 pounds in a week and my sleep has been really bad my doctor told me to take rozerem helps a little and been a little more anxious then i was on it. I'm also taking 40 mgs of Paxil and .5 mgs of klonopin have been for a few yrs. My question is how much longer are these withdrwals going to last. I want to wake up feeling good again. Can you please give me some good news about what I am going through and how long this is going to last. Thank You Suebird
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Ask your doctor about increasing your klonopin substantially for the next two weeks, which should stop most of the withdrawal symptoms, then cut that back down over a three week period.
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How much longer do you thank this is going to last I am already one week into it and are all these problems I am having are the going to go away. How much do You think I should increase the klonopin to get through this. I do not want to cause another problem with increasing the klonopin then I have to deal with that when it is time to decrease it. It seem like this morning went a little better today so maybe things are starting to improve I sure hope so Ive had a headache as well could that be part of withdrwal. Thank You Suebird
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