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Inappropriate questions from shrink....?

I have been feeling anxious and some what depressed so I went to a psychiatrist. He really put me off with the kind of questions he asked me....such as , had I ever had an abortion...??? WTH?
It was really a wasted session because I didn't trust the guy. He scared me like he had the authority to lock me up; you know? I have ADHD and chronic pain. Now it seems that depression and anxiety want to hop on, too! It's all too much. I rarely leave the house (I'm on SSI), I don't want to do anything, I have no appetite, and I can't pull myself up and out of "it". I have not made another appointment at that clinic; I guess I should and ask to see a different shrink. I only went there because a friend goes there, and she doesn't like that guy either. I want to give it a chance!! I just don't want to be on another addictive medication! So many of them ARE and they won't tell you! Like with "Lyrica".  I am getting desperate to feel "better".....mentally!......I'm rambling.....
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