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Not a question, rather a statement:

From a news story I read on the internet last night:  "She had everything you would ever want.  She had a great job with great pay and benefits.  She had a nice car and a nice house, both paid for.  She had a great husband and two great kids.  She was living the "American Dream" and enjoying the country club lifestyle.  What did she have to be depressed about?"

This woman was reported missing by her husband.  All of her friends were questioning what really happened.  Obviously the husband was initially thought to be a suspect but was cleared through the vetting process.  During this process, the husband brought up the fact that his wife had been battling depression for decades and had been seeing a therapist off and on during this time.

Her friends thought this was BS and that the husband had killed this woman for insurance money.  Another of her friends said in regards to the idea of depression, "No way can someone like ******* be depressed.  She had it all.  She had everything anyone could ever want.  She had everything that every girl could ever dream of.  Something bad happened here.  She had to have been abducted.  No way does she or anyone walk away from everything she had."

A couple of days later, the woman's car was found on an old logging road in a neighboring state.  Inside the car was an empty bottle of pain pills, an empty bottle of booze and a suicide note hand written by this woman.  Shortly after law enforcement arranged a search of the area, the lifeless woman was found under a tree.  (End of the story)

I can't speak for this woman and her battles.  I can only speak of what I know and understand about my own depression.  There are similarities with all cases of depression, but each case belongs to an individual and that alone makes each case different.  There is no telling how many times this woman was knocked down and somehow managed to find the strength to get up and face her demons yet another day.

So many people with depression disorders become masters of making it look like nothing is wrong.  I did it for years.  With the situation above, I find what this woman's friends were saying to be so ignorant.  It's like they were so envious of her life that they couldn't see the problems.  All they could see was the nice house, nice car, good job and a nice family.  "She had nothing to be depressed about" is a statement that lacks any compassion or even decency regarding the individual.

I hope all people with a depression disorder find the strength to get the help they need.  I hope they find the strength to allow someone to help, and for me, that was the hardest part.  Depression is no joke but it fools so many people.  

I wish everyone peace.
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