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withdrawal symptoms from cymbalta????

hi I hope someone can help me  i am 53 I previously was on Lexapro for a year after a 1 month break my doctor changed me to Cymbalta I started off with 30mg for a month then onto 60mg for another month  My doctor told me to go off them cold turkey because of severe night sweats & hot flushes & then cold shivering  etc.I  have been off them  a week  I am having quite debiltating dizziness severe nausesa  & sudden hot flashes like I am burning up  & then follows the shivers. I feel so bad its been affecting me to the point where I need to be laying horizontally  I never usually let things beat me but I am not functioning at all.  I went to a locum doctor as mine is on holidays yesterday who seriously  was not interested  He did take my blood pressure & said oh it's quite high so will get a few basic blood tests .. well teast your sugar  too  to see what shape your in You come back in a week we will discuss the results He handed me a script for stemetil for nausea said try these & showed me the door  does any one have any thing they can add or help me with I feel so lousy  
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Yes well I know that when I was titrated off medications (under my psychiatrist's direction) the non specific flu like withdrawal symptoms (as they are called) lasted about a month if the titration was done at a faster rate but they always subsided in that time frame. You could ask your doctor if they would be true for you as well. However whatever symptoms they are treating will return as well so you it would be worthwhile to ask them what medication they intend to change you to. There are many different anti-depressents and several classes so there are other options. For more information one worthwhile website is "Depression Central".
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I have been on Cymbalta in the past for about 4-5 months and the withdrawal lasted for about 1 month and it was mostly brain zaps (brain shivers).

What can help you relieving some symptoms would be to boost you intake of choline/B complex vitamins, omega-3 (only fish oil). Healthy diet and exercise is also important.

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