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cytomel to treat tiredness/depression

Went to my apt with my new dr. Dr says she doesnt know what to do with me, great, so she put me on cytomel, told me it takes a month to kick in if it will work  and come back in a month...Cytomel is for thyroid, ive had this checked repeatedly...why is she giving this to me? I was so hopeful she woul dhelp me, and i left their crying, im never going to feel better......
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I wish I could say something to cheer you up, but I know it's hard.  I do have to mention however that my bestfriend was dealing with being very overly tired and almost unable to function, and she got her thyroid tested and it kept coming back that it was fine.  HOWEVER..it was not..and in the end it did end up being her thyroid causing her symptoms!  Thyroid can be very hard to detect.  I even watched an entire show about it on Oprah! :)   So, don't rule out that it is not your thyroid, cuz it very well could be.  In the meantime, did you doctor advise you to take a vitamin b100 complex?  Because you should..honestly you should.  You will notice a difference!  Hang in there....I have a feeling in time..your gonna be just fine.  XOXO's
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Note what Cheri says, it may be the thyroid so it needs to be investigated, using meds is one such way.

In regard to depression and tiredness I'm afraid that unless one is suffering bi polar and is on a high tiredness is part of our lives. That energy, ability to just get up and do and focus is not there as long as depression is. I've had it since age 10 and believe me it's hard fighting that lethargy/ Alcohol helped me for a very long time but that's no solution for anyone, including me.

As I see it the best way to beat the tiredness is to beat depression. Focusing on just one symptom is a mistake too many of us make.

Some want their sex drive back (who doesn't) but give that priority over mental health. Others want their fitness back and to lose weight (who doen't, again) but mental health must be the first aim else nothing will change.

Others focus on "brain fuzz" or "brain fog" when this is actually a combination of a number of valid symptoms. Again, not the goal. Aim to deal with depression and all of these things will fall into place in time.

Tiredness is maddening isn't it? Lately I've been so tired I have slept 20 of 24 hours some days and still want more. Truly. Can't drag myself out of bed. When I do I tire so quickly I hardly get to the door! Truly, again.

I've not seen anyone say they have found a med that makes then energetic and awake and aware etc. except street drugs which may or may not kill you. Again, not an option.

I've asked my doc for years for something to pick up my motivation or energy and he tries all the meds on me, to no avail.

You know what I do? Instead of feeling bad about what has happened to me, I try to live within those limits and restrictions and make the most of them. For instance all that time lying down, half dozing etc, I write a chapter of a book I've been writing this year. I go over it and over it continually improving it until I like it and then, when next up, I write it down. And move on to the next chapter. Funnily enough I cannot start a new chapter in my head until it is written. SO I have to write it!! Excellent incentive.

It keeps my mind busy, I love the challenge and best of all??? It stops any negative thinking creeping in at all. This is how CBT works.
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