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17 days on Zoloft and still feel bad

started on 50 mg for a week, than 75mg for a week and now on 100 mg for three days but still feeling depressed and have the worst anxiety in the morning and can't get to sleep(even with xanax and seroquel) or if i do i'd be lucky to get 3 hours in and wake up nervous when i see the the daylight out.  Should I switch to another medication or give it more time? I was on zoloft before and stopped for 6 months but i don't remember it eever taking this long...
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I know it took me a good 3 months before the clouds finally blew away.  And that was 4 yrs. ago. I was started on 1/2 of 25.mg. for 3 yrs. and then just recently up to 25mg.  I know you are going to have to give this more time. Patience is not in our dictonary I know. But please give it some more time and things will start to get better for you.

Good luck.
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It takes at least 4-6 weeks for the med to get the full effect Give it some time Youve only jsut started on it.
love Venora
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Zoloft has bad side effect trust me go to your doctor and see if there something else that you can take.
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not everybody has a bad experience with zoloft. It works for many people and some it doesnt but you have to give it time.
Love Venora
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well i was on for 4 years until i stopped about 6 months ago and never felt this bad and i never had trouble with my sleeping.  Maybe it's just not working anymore for me, idk?
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The max time for Zoloft to work is between 4 to 8 hours  so if your taking it at night you should take it in the morning instead. I had trouble with it at night because just when I was sleeping it was just starting to work waking me up and the sleeping aid didn't work either it was like they were canceling each other out. Tomorrow I start on 100mg it's been about 3weeks I'm being encouraged to hang it there. Before I switch I would change taking it to morning instead and you should sleep better at night

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i take it in the afternoon....i just got lunesta to take for the insomnia and that really doesn't work and I also just switched to klonopin from xanax....
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