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my 5 year old son is diagnosed with ADHD, disruptive behavior and a mood disorder, and possibly depression and anxiety. he has been prescribed ritalin, medidate, depakote, and zoloft. all together. That seems to be alot of medication for a small young child. Im very worried for him, is this safe for him?

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I will get yelled at for years for this, but, NO, he don't need that. What the heck? You are a good mother to be concerned. I am not going against doctors orders, I am going against THIS doctors orders.

It's time to get a different doctor.............5 years old, for petes sakes, have a soul doc.

Depakote, really, really...............

Please, drop that doctor and get another one. Before you let the other doctor give you a 5 mile list of serious drugs to give a FIVE year old, let him know just in case he is a drug pusher, that you will do what it takes to help your son, but you are not cool with turning him into a vegetable.

I doubt a good doctor would prescribe depakote to a kid, or a couple others of those.

Please keep me posted.

Oh, and sorry moderators and AmyJo, but anyone reading this thinks I am telling her the wrong thing, please report it to the moderators and not turn this into an argument on this post, if they think I am giving wrong advice, they can let me know.
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That does seem like a lot to be giving such a young child.  My daughter is ADHD & ODD.  I fought with her original pediatrician for yrs that something wasn't right & after being told I was a bad parent looking for a cop-out I switched to her current pediatrician.  He has diagnosed her with ADHD & ODD & after years of no medications at my request has since started her on Ritalin & Risperdol both low doses.  

It seems to be general practice that dr's start off at high doses & wait for reactions & then decrease it from there.  

I'd honestly ask for a 2nd opinion from another dr.  The VERY last thing you want to do is medicate a young child who doesn't need it.  Medications can be VERY dangerous & are not something to play around with.  Do your research on the conditions this dr claims ur child has as well the list of medications.

All the best & PLEASE keep us updated
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Hi dear, please I want to know what are the symptoms of your kids behavior  bec I have a 12 y old boy and I think he has moods disorder he is good but suddenly ge may hit me badly if he is in a bad mood,I agree with all the replies that a young kid must not take all those medication!
Good luck
wish u nd ur kid all best
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Hi thanks a lot for uf MSG well my son gets mad for example if he was stressed at school or fought with a friend for example when he comes home he starts fighting with me on silly issues
when I start screaming or crying bec of him he hits me but when he calms down he says he is sorrry ...
Well recently these attacks got less !!!!!!'
in the past 3 years I was deay suffering from him the situation was ( daily fights daily me begging him to calm and stop hitting me)
I don't know maybe bec he is getting older now he is 12  maybe that goes by time I hope ......generally he is a calm boy , medium intelligence,seems like angels with others but when it comes to his attacks he is someone else !!!!!now he is better than the past hope it will continue that way
thanks for intrest
sure I want to add u nd be friends tc
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