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I was doing fine with Celexa 40 mg, daily when my GP decided to take me off it last year.   After suffering for over 9 months, I finally got an appt, with a Phys. Assistant in a Psychiatrist Group.   I was elated. I have been put on Zoloft 50 mg, then 100 mg, now 150 mg.  They added Abilify 5 mg for two weeks, then upped it to 10 mg, for one week.   I am ready to jump with anxiety almost all day.   Isn't this anxiety rather than depression???   I have been unable to go to work, and now even getting afraid of driving.   I was never like this!  Call to Phys. Asst. today is placing me on Seroquel instead of Abilify.  , I am scared of all these meds.  Can any kind person out there offer any feed back from anyone who has walked in these shoes??  Thank you so much!
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I'm not an expert in antidepressants, but I know for me personally that more is not better.  I was on 10mg Prozac for a long time.  I had some personal problems and switched to celexa 20mg and then up to 40mg.  I had so much anxiety.  I have recently switched back to 10mg of Prozac.
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