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About how long to get over side effects

HI,i have been on lexapro since jan 5 09 and still having side effects i cut my dose from 10 mg to 5 mg adn still nausted dierehha worse anxiety so tired weekness redness of skin kinda skin burning from inside out,,,any ideas i think this might not be the one for me
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I would really speak to your doctor as soon as you can. I can't make an educated guess, but any time side effects impair your life, it would be a good idea to see your doc.
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I took Celexa for 5 months before I could stop the yawning. Some side effects, like speeded up system don't necessarily go away.
Your pharmacist can give you some info over the phone or probably more in person, but you need to see the doc to get any med adjustment. Did you doc tell you to cut the dose?
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I could not take lexapro. I switched to paxil. Love it. Contact you doctor.
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