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Aches and pains moody

About 4 years back I wnt through a very strange xperience ,that I couldnt quite explain-It was mental and physical ,I went home and slept.However these strange feelings persisted and I got anxious and lost my appetite.The doc gave me some tranqulizers which made me feel much better and my appetite returned -he then gave me sertaline a 75mg anti-deprresant,this was after seeing a shrink.the bad feelings went away after a while and I stopped taking the tranqs and lowered my dose to 50 mg by the docs orders.I am a recovering alcoholic and addict so it was good to get of the drugs,I thought that the anti depress wasnt really a drug of sorts -I carried on taking them for a few years not really knowing what they were doing for me -I would stop for periods and my heart would start to palpate so i would take them again-since then I have had headaches everyday diagnose with chronic fatigue syndrome and prone to flu etc-I have had moments where I have broken through and felt really good and realized that I have been depressed all this time  on a low level- i then went over seas ,this is now a few years on and with me needing so much sleep(I feel so bad if i dont get sleep)the jetlag was really hard on me-my anxiety has increased and the aches and pains have returned-I was given zoloft tabs which I took 100mg at a time for couple of weeks and thats when the hell really started-I lost 25 pounds ,was emotional and couldnt do anything- i then figured ot was the meds and slowy weaned my way back to 50mg-in the pr process I had moments of great laughter which im not sure wher it can from but it felt good again but i was mostly in a really bad way-things started to get better and I have mainted the 50mg but the anxiety is still strong again although i eat and have gained weight and am relatively active the aches and pains and moodiness is around-The doctors ive seen dont inspire me much and iv elost faith -but i need to be back to normal agin -im 34 and have had  areall7y hard year with this and will do anything now to get my health back- I DONT want to take tranqs( even though they dont seem to work anymore) does anyone have some experience or advice for me please-thank you in advance
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anxiety and depression can cause many physical symptoms, aches, pains, loss of appetite and moodiness. maybe you need to switch to a different med. take care. remar
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Thank you
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