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Adult ADD, OCD, or Depression?

Hello.  I'm a 29 yr old male suffering with depression/anxiety for the last year or so.  I'm currently on 10mg/d Lexapro, and 0.5mg Klonopin @night to help me sleep.  Been on Lexapro for 3 weeks, and feel a minor improvement.  I've noticed that I'm still restless and unable to relax, very irritable too.  People talking, dogs barking, every little noise seems to irritate me.  I do a lot of self-talk therapy to help me through these rough days, but oiiii is it tough.  Been taking long walks, trying to be around others, yet my irritability is still there.  Sometimes I push myself too much which adds to my anxiety.  I'm also a 24/7 caretaker for my father who suffers from chronic multiple sclerosis.

My question is can this be Adult ADD? or a combination of both?  As a child, I did very well in grade school, and high school.  I did graduate from college as well.  But the more I read about the symptoms of adult ADD, I think I may have it.  I may be looking into it too much since my anxiety is sky high, and worrying myself that I may have been misdiagnosed.  I'm also aware of my own heartbeat 24/7 which is annoying and frustrating.  Done all the necessary medical exams, blood work is normal, ECG normal, 24hr holter normal.  Seems like I keep on trying to pinpoint the problem which causes me more anxiety/depression.  Any type of feedback would be wonderful!  My prayers go out to all who are suffering from depression/anxiety disorders.  It is not easy.
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Sounds like stress and depression more than add.  Being a caregiver is extremely stressful.  Are you getting any time for yourself at all?
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I really don't get much time to myself.  Trying to relax at home is hard to do.  I'm utilizing relaxation techniques, and every other route I can take.  Yet, I'm anxious all day long, and feel like I'm always in a hurry.  It is a tough situation nonetheless.  Thanks for your post!
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Also would like to mention that I constantly pick at my face.  I know this has to be OCD to relieve my anxiety.  I catch myself doing it, and tell myself to stop, but it's difficult.  Feel like I'm zoned out when performing these rituals.  Any advice?  Thanks!
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Did you know that there is Adult Day Care--just like a child's day care--where you can take your father for small amounts of time or even a day so that he is cared for properly and you can get a few moments of time for yourself?  Please check into this for yourself.  I understand what you are going through.
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I too think that I may have adult add.  I share the same sympyoms but have been cleared by a pschologist and medical dr. for any depression related problems.  I ahve been taking 3mg of clopin for the past 4 years daily for un a related problem but am starting to wonder what types of long term affects it may have.  

Recently my sleep has been very sporadic. Most nights waking aroung 3 or 4am. My normal schedule is 5:30 am going to bed around 11:00pm.  I am also a 29 year old male and quite irratible at times and alot of times a space cadet.

My profession is very stressful and I thought it could be related with new responsibilities that have been added but I have been doing the samething for almost 6 years and am making more $;s than ever before. Perhaps I have issues or perhaps it is not true with the more money you make the less you have to worry about:(
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You have a very legit point there.  MONEY DOES NOT PROVIDE HAPPINESS!! I've heard countless people say, "Well, if I only had more money, I wouldn't be anxious/depressed. . "  I've learned this through 1 month sessions of cognitive therapy.  Everyone, whether depressed/anxious or not, should take a course like this.  Helps you deal with your feelings, and control your thoughts/beliefs on yourself and others.
I wish you the best iam5050, you're not alone, that's for sure.  I'm to the point where I'm starting to laugh over my anxiety, not going to let it take control of me.
God bless all of you!!!  You'll all pull through this.  Stay confident, and love yourself.  Have a great day!  
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