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Afraid to take Zoloft.

I went to my doctor yesterday and I was told I could be bipolar, and I definitely have generalized anxiety disorder and OCD. She prescribed Zoloft and told me to take theanine as well with it. I've always had a fear of taking medicines, like my grandma got me St. John's Wort to try before I was prescribed an anti-depressant and I didn't take it in fear I would have an allergic reaction to it. I am allergic to a few things, like bananas, every nut except peanuts, honey, a whole bunch of stuff. So I'm really cautious. I'm also an over thinker, I've been doing a bunch of research on Zoloft since 11 pm last night. It went on until 2, and I continued this morning. I don't know, I know I need it. Everyone's getting angry with me because this anti-depressant may help me and allow me to live again. I am aware it takes around 4-6 weeks until I'll feel the full effect. I'm just afraid of bad reactions. Did anyone have a bad reaction to it? Or did it help you?
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It's a shame that we can not predict how we will react to these meds. I've taken several over the years and did great on some and not so great on others.
Is this your family Dr that has diagnosed you? If so, you may want to think about seeing a Psychiatrist for a diagnosis. I'm not saying your family Dr is not a good Dr. It can take more than just one visit to diagnose someone.
I think we're all afraid to start a new med. It's very common. They say 4 to 6 weeks but it can start working much sooner than that. And, if there are any major side effects that will usually happen with in the first few days.
What dose were you given. I have always tried to ask for the smallest possible dose to start with and then work my way up. It helps with any possible side effects.
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It's a doctor my mom and grandma work with. They're all in the medical field. I saw a psychiatrist a couple years ago and was diagnosed as bipolar. So I guess i definitely am. And I have a therapist, I've seen a lot of people for this and I've been diagnosed with all the same thing.

She gave me 25 mg to start with. I'll hopefully build up the courage to take it tomorrow morning with the theanine. I just get so doubtful and scared and when I don't follow through with what I'm supposed to I absolutely hate myself. I don't know, I'm just a big lump of confusion haha.
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A lot of people have this fear.  You need to be strong, stop searching about it, and just try it.  You need to start trying to get better hon.  Simple as that!

I agree too, that these conditions need managed by a psychiatrist.  They know much more about these conditions, and meds.  Really, much more optimal.  In the meantime, start taking the Zoloft.
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I'll start it tomorrow. I'm just so paranoid about everything. Like today I was sad for no reason. It felt like I had to hold onto happiness but it was running away from me. I don't know I just go up and down a lot and I know I need the zoloft I'm just I don't know.
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I don't know I just go up and down a lot and I know I need the zoloft I'm just I don't know. .

That's the bipolar sweetie.  This is why you need treated by a psychiatrist.  Treating BPD can sometimes be a little tricky.

Also, lean on your therapist for support and coping for the fear of the meds.  Zoloft is THE most commonly Rx'd antidepressant...because it's well tolerated, and because, it is effective for a lot of people.

Positive attitude!!!

Keep ujs updated...you're in my thoughts and prayers.  Hoping you'll do great!
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I know I should be seeing a psychiatrist I just don't have insurance they accept at the moment and it's around $250 to see any of them where I am. I know it's tricky, I'll get it figured out! Thank you for your concern, it means a lot to me!
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