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Following on from my last comment (I dont know whether i was meant to do this, I am new to this site soo, sorry if this is wrong somehow) after reading alot of the stories on here I do feel as though I am whinging for nothing. There are obviuosly people alot worse off than myself, but the way Im feeling is ruining my life at the minute. I dont want people to pity me or anything, just my friends dont understand, my one of 6 years has left me for her boyfriend, the usual story, and my other closest one has gone donw the road of drugs, and probably my closest friend is obssessed with getting revenge on the man that hit our friend with a car, my mum is always with her new boyfriend, and my dad is an alcoholic, I really really dont have anyone else to turn to. I know this comment sounds far fetched, even made up but its not and I wnated to justify writing on here, not for pity or attention but I really feel asthough Im wearing thin, have sort of become numb now.
Thankyou - any help appreicated x
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I am hear as well. I understand where you are coming from.  Its hard to feel alone. I have found some really good friends on this site and this site is what keeps me sane :)

Everyone has problems that are big to them no matter how anyone puts it, they are big to you and you have a right to feel the way you do.  I will wait to hear your answers to fuzzy's questions so that i can have some more insight :)

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Im here, And i can understand where your coming from. You dont say how old you are?  Sounds to me like you should be out there making new friends.  What do you do for fun? any hobbies?
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