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All Antidepressants are intolerable!

I have suffered with depression for many years. i have tried every medication under the sun, but when they finally "start working" I can't stand the side-effects (anxiety, shakiness, general feelings of unease, etc.). I'm wondering if anyone else experiences this? It's called non-treatable depression, medication resistant depression, or something like that. All I know is that it's a viscious circle.
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Hey shinty.

Holistic therapy for depression: 1. Energy Psychology Therapy.
Efficient and with good results.

2.  Amoryn + Seredyn anti- depression (natural) formulas. Purchase 2+1 of each,
free shipping, under $100.00 and 60 Day money back.
(I'm not affiliated with the seller-I do Holistic Psychotherapy in Canada)

AMORYN study
More Effective than Paroxetine (Paxil®) for Moderate to Severe Depression (2005) - New
Just recently completed in early 2005 and published in the British Medical Journal, this study1 examining 251 adults with moderate to severe depression again demonstrated the effectiveness of hyperforin-rich Hypericum extract (the main ingredient in AMORYN) for the treatment of depression. Patients were given either 900mg/day Hypericum extract (the dose found in two capsules of AMORYN) or 20mg/day paroxetine (the prescription antidepressant Paxil®) for six weeks. For patients who did not respond quickly, doses were doubled after two weeks. After six weeks, symptoms of depression decreased 57% in the group taking hyperforin-rich Hypericum and only 45% in the group taking paroxetine. Patients taking Hypericum were 42% less likely than patients taking paroxetine to experience negative side effects. The researchers concluded that, "In the treatment of moderate to severe major depression, Hypericum extract... is at least as effective as paroxetine and is better tolerated." The Hypericum extract used in this trial was standardized to 3-5% hyperforin. The extract in AMORYN is also standardized to 3-5% hyperforin, ensuring that AMORYN will be equally or more effective than the Hypericum used in this study. More details and data...

There are more protocols available, however, the 2 suggestions above offer promising

Please do your own thorough research, or consult with your health care professional
before making any decisions about your health.

Hope this is helpful.
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Could it be that you are overly sensitive to antidepressants and just need to stay on a lower dosage?  You may be reacting to too much serotonin in your system.  In the beginning they help but when the serotonin levels increase, perhaps too much so,  you get the symptoms you do.
What medications have you tried and at what dosages?
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