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Am I being discriminated against by my doctor and the health service, because I’m bisexual?

So…. For just over a year I have been feeling really depressed. I’ve not been showing it though, I’m a 19 year old bisexual boy from conservative region of the UK who has can not show signs of what is considered a “girls” problem. Thus I have no outlet, can’t talk to family or friends and am becoming further depressed the more hide my problems.  Basically there are several reasons why I am feeling so lo.

So here they are in no particular order:

-  I found my birth dad last year for the first time, 4 months later he is accused of rape. I haven’t spoken to him since, and the girl who has accused him is a friend of a friend, luckily not knowing who I am.

- I am being harassed, as I work for a bar, there are some banned people who have become violent and decided to take it up with me in public when I’m not working. Its very hard to avoid them unless I become a social recluse, I do fight back but I shouldn’t have too!

- I’m a bisexual, no one knows, I don’t act camp at all, and know 20% of my friends are very homophobic so don’t want to come out incase I lose my friends.

- I got tricked by a fake financial company and now owe £1500 to be paid in 10 days, however have just left my job ( for above reasons) to find another and can’t find another soon enough.

I plucked up the courage to go see my doctor, and she prescribed me some beta-blockers, and referred me to a psychologist , to get stuff off my chest etc as I don’t want to take anti-depressants. I have just received a letter from the NHS (National Health Service) telling me there is no need to speak to anyone and they have turned down the request, saying I should speak to the police about the harassment and debt advisers about the money problems.  This really doesn’t help though, and its quit open and out there that many institutions around here including the health service and police are homophobic.

Is this the case do you think? Or are they right? Any doctors or in the know people our there who could shed some light on this please.

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Why would the NHS even know you're bi?  Why would it matter that you're bi?

I think homophobia is rampant and is just as discriminating as racism and sexism.  Maybe you should "come out of the closet" and if your friends don't like it - they aren't real friends.

Don't know much about the UK but in Canada you could go to the Human Rights Commission.


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There is a lack of NHS psychiatrists in many parts of the UK.  Your GP could prescribe some anti-depressants that could help you think differently about your problems. Why are you against trying them?
Speak to Citizen's Advice Bureau about your finiancial problems.
Eloise x
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